WTF is Snapster?

Telegram Mini App for Fast & Simple Memecoin Trading

Memecoins are the turbocharged rockets of crypto. They blast off faster than you refresh your feed, with some hitting astronomical gains every day. But not everyone can get them early...

The Problem

Buying memecoins feels like finding a needle in a haystack. You need to know what’s trending, navigate the labyrinth of decentralised exchanges, tweak the right settings, and decipher complex analytical tools. It's no wonder so many would-be crypto millionaires end up lost in the sauce.

The Solution

Enter Snapster, all-in-one Mini App for fast & simple memecoin trading. With Snapster, you can find the hottest tokens, check out charts & all the needed info, and snap the hottest tokens up faster than others, all in one place. It's like Tinder for memecoins, but with fewer emotional breakdowns.

Snapster Features

Telegram Integration

Snapster is 100% Telegram-native. No more jumping through tabs or downloading a dozen apps – just open Snapster right in Telegram and trade away.

Easy-to-Understand Visual Interface

Forget cryptic text commands. Snapster boasts a visual interface so clean and simple, even your grandma could use it. Hit the green button, sit back, and watch your bags grow.

With Trending Tokens Leaderboard right in front of you, you'll always be one step ahead of the game. Spot the hottest picks before they go mainstream and ride the wave to the top.

On-Ramp for Non-Crypto Natives

Crypto virgin? No problemo! Snapster lets you dip your toes into the world of memecoins with your trusty ol' credit card.

Memecoins Launchpad

With Snapster's exclusive launchpad you can discover hidden gems before they hit the masses. Now you're not just riding the wave – you're making it.

AI Copilot

Need a wingman in the wild world of memecoins? Snapster AI Copilot is a supercharged brainpower, that will help you research like a pro and craft winning strategies that even Elon would envy.

And all of this… Comes wif rewards 😼

Every trade, every invite, every daily visit – they all earn you Snapster Points, our in-app currency that's bound to be golden. Stack 'em up now or regret later, your choice.

Secure your spot on the Snapster waitlist now, earn points, and prepare to trade like never before –

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